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Welcome to New Earswick Swimming Club. 

To join NESC please complete the following questions. 

For swimmers aged 17 or under who are joining the Learn to Swim groups, competitive training squads, or SwimFit  please ensure you complete the Date of Birth and all medical details.  We would also like to draw your attention to the 'consent for image use' question.  We put photos of our swimmers in Newsletters and on Facebook to celebrate their successes such as moving to a new group, getting a Personal Best time or winning medals in a competition.  Only the swimmers first name is mentioned (not surname, age, address,school or any other personal details). 

Contact information:  We hold your email address/tel no. in order to be able to tell you about changes to the pool timetable or other pool/club updates. We do not pass your information onto anyone else.  

Thank you. 

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This is to enable the coaches to properly accommodate and safeguard your child during club activities:
Visual impairment, learning disability, hearing impairment, physical disability, multiple disability.
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